субота, 05. новембар 2011.

Homo homini!

 Diogenius was walking down the street with candle (lantern) in broad daylight and to question passers-by - what he does - he replied: "Seeking a Man!"

What has changed since then in man to date? Millions of people today are looking for a man, but instead are millions of humanoid biped! Whither the world? What is our personal destiny? What is the fate of mankind? How a man thinks about it? Whether he ever thinks about that at all? How an individual can change his destiny and the destiny of mankind!

Egoism as a personal and collective properties of the most evil of mankind, and here are the basic relationships are based in the community, state, and even family. Egoism is the seed of greed, avarice, envy, hatred, aggression, bigotry ... Do I need to think about life or should it live? It seems that people are starting to think of life only when thay (you) stop to enjoy it! Is not it too late? Try to think on time until it is not too late for you and for everyone else!
Is the world divided into two groups, the first: those in power, and the second: those which listen to and obey orders?
Some talk constantly demagogic slogans of democracy, while others are trying to turn it into anarchy under the guise of freedom.
In this way, both working in favor of its damage.
The third, under the banner of struggle for democracy, freedom and human rights, trying to rule the world!
Today, the greatest danger to democracy from the threat of terrorism that deliberately encourage the ultra-conservative circles in the world to destroy democracy and try the world convert in a concentration camp. Did not Orwell's book "1984" prophecy of what awaits us if we just keep quiet and obey orders "in the name of higher interests"! Using this phrase many have committed the worst crimes in human history!
  • Think with your brain, not with  brain of someone else's!
  • Do not let to be brainwashed by trivial slogans
  • Do not let the maddening by various messiahs and sects!
  • Heraclitus said: "A person's character is his fate!"
  • Stand up for justice and human dignity!
  • Do well and expect good! It's very simple - do not do to others what you would not want others do to you!
  • Do not let to humanoid biped, who are not afraid of God and the people are not ashamed of - to rule the world!
  • Let us make the world a better place to live these and the following generations!
  • Do what you can do. Do not say that you can not do anything. For the first step start smile and tell a neighbor a good day!
  • Take the first step for the longest walk starting with the first step!